Tony Hawk’s GOLD DEEDS Is Skateboarding! No Question!

Living legend Tony Hawk shows us that he still has those trademark airborne skills. The skateboarder. risks his life by flying over a MINI Cooper Hardtop while it’s on the move. Using no editing tricks or stunts, Hawk manages to catch wind and effortlessly sail all the way over the car just moments before it plows through the ramp he’d just launched off. Its a must watch video.


GOLD DEEDS X Budweiser #MADEINAMERICA | Candyland & Cash Cash

GOLD DEEDS had the privilege of being invited to the Budweiser #MADEINAMERICA event last night! It was still more than an hour before the show, but the line for the club already stretched the length of the building, and everyone was fidgeting uncomfortably as they silently reassured themselves the dead legs and achy feet would all be worth it once they got inside. Candyland was slotted to perform, as was Cash Cash. The performance from both was awesome! They kept the crowd engaged with the music, and provided over 3 hours of entertainment! Here’s short video casing the event:


Michael Jackson Returns as Hologram at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

We are huge fans of the  music industry and we recognize the influences that Michael Jackson made in  music . His GOLD DEEDS to the world was his  music, and it was great to see him perform last night.  Michael Jackson is the second artist to return onto a big stage in the form of a hologram. The king of pop performed the song “Slave to the Rhythm” from his posthumous album XSCAPE at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas this weekend. You can watch the performance now in the video.