Gold From Day One

9-Year-Old Girl, Sabre Norris, Land Her First 540 GOLD DEEDS APPROVED

Its been crazy to watch the progression and popularity of skateboarding grow in the world. Its awesome to see young kids from all over the world find great pride and accomplishment through skateboarding. We believe skateboarding helps many kids learn to set goals and achieve them. A recent  video of 9-year-old Australian skater Sabre Norris landing her first 540 on vert has been released by Steve Berra and Eric Koston’s The Berrics platform. The video sees Sabre make a few failed attempts before finally landing the trick in her 75th attempt of the day. Having only started skating three years ago when she wasn’t able to have a bike, she chose to opt for a skateboard instead. Inspired by online videos of professional skateboarder Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins performing the trick, the young skater claims she had to try it for herself. Skateboarding is definitely this girls GOLD DEED and she’s only going to get better!

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