We empower Artist and Visionaries with design-driven clothing and products to showcase an ambition mindset for success at what they love


GOLD DEEDS is a apparel company that is constantly trying to capture and express its lifestyle and culture through select fashion. Fashion that can be casual, forward, and artistic. GOLD DEEDS is inspired by music, sports, art, and an active lifestyle. We hope to inspire the people to achieve their Weight In Gold at what they do best:


What’s Your Worth?

Our brand is committed to expose the local individual who is striving for success. If you’re a musician, artist, photographer or athlete we are here to keep you motivated and invite you to join us in our movement. GOLD DEEDS sets the trend by constantly changing with creativity that breaks the cycle and exposing less fortunate individuals and organizations.


The meaning behind GOLD DEEDS

GOLD is considered to be precious, beautiful, highly valued, and of the most superior quality. You’ve heard the expression “heart of gold” or “your weight in gold”, well that’s the idea. GOLD is the individual that has empowerment.
DEEDS are a notable praiseworthy achievements that you do and perform. Your DEEDS to the community could be music, dance, laughter, sports, education, and other actions that you perform daily or time to time to the world.
GOLD DEEDS is taking pride in what your good at. Showing and expressing your talents and skills sets at whatever it maybe. We want you to be reminded to be ambitious, successful, and driven. GOLD DEEDS embraces self-worth and ask you to challenge yourself; to be “worth your weight in gold” and to know that you were “GOLD From Day One”.